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Mary candle


Posted by myheartonfire on 2008.06.06 at 13:37
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: Coldplay- Viva La Vida
Hey!  I didn't even realize that people (2) joined this!  Welcome!  I created this community a while ago and kind of neglected it because I didn't have the time or motivation to promote it, so I apologize!  Hopefully this summer I can do something to get more people to join, but I'll be out of the country until the end of August.  I'm surprised that you wanted to join this community, even nothing has happened in it.  Thanks for posting!  Hopefully you'll read this sometime soon!

Question, how did you find this community?



Posted by pixiebells on 2008.03.12 at 01:01
Current Mood: calmHmmmm....
I figured I'd share this, seeing as it's fitting.

I love to take close-up pictures of jewelyr, and I have a crystal star thing I hang in my window, that sometiems refrelcs a small rainbow, you know, light spectur abnd all that.

So I took my corss necklace and held it to the light and got this:

isn't that cool??

Blessed Be! <3



Posted by pixiebells on 2008.03.12 at 00:07
Current Mood: contentcontent
aww, this group is so sweet! :)

I randomly found it. I like the ideas you've got here. I'm sure you'll find more members. I'll post more laterish.

Good to be here!




Posted by myheartonfire on 2007.12.23 at 21:29
Current Mood: goodgood
I would like to welcome anyone at all interested in this community. I just started it so it'll be slow at first. This community is here for anyone who is trying to deal with being a queer Christian. Maybe some people don't have trouble with it, but some people do and we should be there for them. Even if you're not having issues with your sexuality and your faith, feel free to bring up anything faith related- even if you have prayer requests, post them. There aren't that many communities geared towards young gay Christians, so why not start here? Let's make a change. Let's be visible.